Ginger, Bianca is trying to be dramatic in the previous panel. What are you doing? Ginger, you’re drunk. Sorry we missed out on the debate. I know everyone really wanted to see that and not Bianca beating the hell out of people. Maybe another time! I wonder how Day’s gonna take the news of his surveillance getting smacked down. Probably not well!

MEANWHILE! IN ANOTHER DIMENSION! Ginger and Autumn’s epic(?) war(??) continues over at Christopher Paulsen’s Precocious! That first link is to GingerFox’s first appearance in the arc, the story starts here though. I’m looking forward to seeing what chaos comes from this!

Oh hey, I haven’t mentioned in a while so here’s a fresh request to help support the comic through patreon. I’ve been posting the comic slightly early to the patron’s only stream and we’re not far (one really generous person, for example) from patron’s to start getting a larger version of the comic! There’s other fun stuff like comic drawing streaming hang outs and prints and stuff. If you’re already supporting others one Patreon, supporting me actually helps them too, because each creator you support shares in the fee of your pledge, so overall they each get more of your dollar.

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Okay! That’s enough begging from me for now. I’ll catch you all again soon.

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