This technically still went up on Monday where I’m at! More on what happened after we talk about the comic being back!

Yay! Comic is back! Finally, The WE Street Collective is named! And man, does Ginger not have a good time with this group. Junie even acknowledges it’s Ginger’s idea and they’d rather ignore that. Junie seems really nice though, so hopefully Ginger’s not too mad at her??? Ah, who are we kidding, this is Ginger. She’ll reflect on this later, she’s got ego to tend to. This is group is going to work out great though, I can tell!

So yeah, comic IS up on Monday, my time. It got delayed because, while I managed to get the next 10 comics written, life (and ECCC – where I DID get some comic stuff done) got in the way again because that’s what life does. The breakline in my car decided to give up on life, JUST before ECCC and I spent several days trying and hope to get it fixed before I left and HA HA HA at the last second something else broke. I still made it to the con, but it wasn’t easy. The con was great though and I’m hoping to go again next year!

… I swear to God if my Internet is failing again as I try to pos- Oh hey, Internet is still working! Anyway, I’m trying to get back to working ahead on comics. We’ll be wrapping up this meeting soon and checking in on some other folks. Finally, right? I won’t get too much into that right now. I’ll see you next week!

Thanks for reading!